Question 2#

Which of the following splenic ligaments is NOT an avascular plane?

A. Gastrosplenic
B. Splenocolic
C. Phrenosplenic
D. Splenorenal

Correct Answer is A


Of particular clinical relevance, the spleen is suspended in position by several ligaments and peritoneal folds to the colon (splenocolic ligament); the stomach (gastrosplenic ligament); the diaphragm (phrenosplenic ligament); the kidney, the adrenal gland, and the tail of the pancreas (splenorenal ligament) (Fig. below). Whereas the gastrosplenic ligament contains the short gastric vessels, the remaining ligaments are usually avascular, with rare exceptions, such as in a patient with portal hypertension. The relationship of the pancreas to the spleen also has important clinical implications. In cadaveric anatomic series, the tail of the pancreas has been demonstrated to lie within 1 em of the splenic hilum 75% of the time and to actually abut the spleen in 30% of patients.

Suspensory ligaments of the spleen