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Question 2#

Which of the following definitions is INCORRECT?

A. Flap composition: Description of the tissue components within the flap
B. Flap contiguity: The position of a flap relative to its recipient bed
C. Pedicle: Bridge of tissue that remains between a flap and its source; blood vessels that nourish a flap
D. Free flap: Flaps that are completely detached from the body prior to their reimplantation with microvascular anastomoses

Correct Answer is B


The composition of a flap describes its tissue components. The contiguity of a flap describes its position related to its source. Distant flaps are transferred from a different anatomic region to the defect. They may remain attached to the source anatomic region (pedicled flaps) or may be transferred as free flaps by microsurgery. These are completely detached from the body, and their blood supply is reinstated by microvascular anastomoses to recipient vessels close to the defect. The term pedicle was originally used to describe a bridge of tissue that remains between a flap and its source, similar to how a peninsula remains attached to its mainland. However, as knowledge of flap blood supply and (micro )vascular anatomy has improved over the years, the term pedicle has increasingly become reserved for describing the blood vessels that nourish the flap.