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Question 3#

A 29-year-old G3P0 presents to your office for preconception counseling. All of her pregnancies were lost in the first trimester. She has no significant past medical or surgical history.

She should be counseled that without evaluation and treatment her chance of having a live birth is which of the following?

a. < 20%
b. 20% to 35%
c. 40% to 50%
d. 70% to 85%
e. > 85%

Correct Answer is C


Miscarriage risk rises with the number of prior spontaneous abortions. Without treatment, the live birth rate approaches 50%. With treatment, successful pregnancy rates of 70% to 85% are possible in a patient with a diagnosis of habitual abortion, depending on the underlying cause. When cervical incompetence is present and a cerclage is placed, success rates can approach 90%.