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Question 32#

A 30-year-old G3P3, who is 8 weeks’ postpartum and regularly breastfeeding calls you and is very concerned because she is having pain with intercourse secondary to vaginal dryness.

Which of the following should you recommend to help her with this problem?

A) Instruct her to stop breastfeeding
B) Apply hydrocortisone cream to the perineum
C) Apply testosterone cream to the vulva and vagina
D) Apply estrogen cream to the vagina and vulva
E) Apply petroleum jelly to the perineum

Correct Answer is D


Intercourse can be painful in breastfeeding women because of an increase in vaginal dryness caused by hypoestrogenism. Water-soluble lubricants or estrogen cream applied topically to the vaginal mucosa can be helpful. In addition, the female superior position may be recommended during intercourse so that the woman can control the depth of penile penetration. Testosterone cream is not used for the treatment of vaginal atrophy.