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Question 1#

A 20-year-old G0 and her partner, a 20-year-old man, present for counseling for sexual dysfunction. Prior to their relationship, neither had been sexually active. Both report no medical problems.

In medical experience, which type of male or female sexual dysfunction has the lowest cure rate?

A. Premature ejaculation
B. Vaginismus
C. Primary impotence
D. Secondary impotence
E. Female orgasmic dysfunction

Correct Answer is C


In a 5-year follow-up study of couples treated by Masters and Johnson, the cure rates for vaginismus and premature ejaculation approached 100%. Orgasmic dysfunction was corrected in 80% of women, and secondary impotence (impotence despite a history of previous coital success) resolved in 70% of men. Primary impotence (chronic and complete inability to maintain an erection sufficient for intercourse) had the worst prognosis, with cure reported in only approximately 50% of cases. Other therapists report very similar statistics.