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Question 4#

You are called to the emergency department to evaluate an 18-yearold woman for a vulvar laceration. She is accompanied by her mother and father. The father explains that the injury was caused by a fall onto the support bar on her bicycle. You interview the woman alone and find out that her father has been sexually assaulting her.

Which of the following statements best describes injuries related to sexual assault? 

A. Most injuries are considered major and require surgical correction
B. Most injuries require hospitalization
C. More than 50% of victims will have an injury
D. Most injuries occur after the assault has taken place
E. Vaginal and vulvar lacerations are common in virginal victims

Correct Answer is E


Injuries occur in 12% to 40% of sexual assault victims. Most occur when the victim is restrained or physically coerced into the sexual act. Most are minor and require simple repair; only 1% require major surgical repair and hospitalization. The physician should evaluate for injuries such as abrasions, bruises, scratches, and lacerations on the neck, abdomen, back, buttocks, and extremities, as well as the genital area. Lacerations of the vagina and vulva are common in children, virginal victims, and postmenopausal women.