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Question 116#

A 66-year-old man hospitalized for an NSTEMI was successfully treated with DES for a subtotal lesion of the proximal LAD.

What is the recommended minimal duration of dual antiplatelet therapy according to the 2011 American College of Cardiology (ACC)/American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines on PCI?

A. 1 month
B. 3 months
C. 6 months
D. 12 months
E. 24 months

Correct Answer is D


12 months. The 2011 AHA/ACC PCI guidelines recommend the continuation of aspirin indefinitely (class I) and the duration of P2Y12 inhibitor after stent implantation as follows: (1) BMS or DES during PCI for ACS, at least 12 months; (2) DES for a non-ACS indication, at least 12 months if patients are not at high risk for bleeding; and (3) BMS for a nonACS indication, a minimum of 1 month, and ideally up to 12 months (unless the patient is at increased risk for bleeding).