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Question 10#

Which of the following information on molecular markers in prostate cancer is CORRECT?

A. PCA3, a non-coding RNA, is under expressed in prostate cancer
B. Ki-67 antigen is detected by immunohistochemical staining and correlates with outcome after radical prostatectomy
C. Kallikrein 3 level is reduced in metastatic prostate cancer
D. High molecular weight cytokeratin binds to prostate cancer cells confirming the diagnosis of cancer over HGPIN
E. PSA doubling time is a useful tool that outperforms total PSA in the diagnosis of prostate cancer

Correct Answer is B


Answer B

PCA3 is overexpressed in prostate cancer, kallikrein 3 is also known as PSA so rises in metastatic disease, high molecular weight cytokeratin binds basal cells – malignant acini lack basal cells. PSA doubling time and PSA velocity provide limited predictive information over PSA alone in prostate cancer diagnosis.