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Question 4#

What would be the EAU recommended first-line treatment for a man with a biopsy proven SCC on the glans penis that is confined to the corpus spongiosus on staging MRI (cT2 disease)?

A. Partial penectomy
B. Radical radiotherapy
C. Radical penectomy with a perineal urethrostomy
D. Glansectomy with a split-thickness skin graft
E. Total glans resurfacing

Correct Answer is D


Answer D

Glansectomy with a split-thickness skin graft would be the standard operation in the UK. Penile preserving surgery has proven equivalent oncological outcomes to radical surgery with the benefits of improved sexual, urinary and psychological results. Radical radiotherapy tends to be reserved for older patients not fit for surgery or for patients who have refused surgery. This is mainly due to its higher recurrence rate (up to 40%) and associated morbidity, which includes penile necrosis requiring amputation.