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Question 7#

Regarding UTI and immunoactive prophylaxis all the following are true, EXCEPT:

A. OM-89 can be recommended for female patients with recurrent UTI
B. Intravaginal probiotics restore vaginal lactobacilli
C. Probiotics containing L. rhamnosus GR-1 and L. reuteri RC-14 can prevent recurrent UTI
D. Proanthocyanidin is the active ingredient in probiotics
E. Probiotics prevent bacterial vaginosis

Correct Answer is D


Answer D

OM-89 significantly reduced the incidence of UTI [1]. Intravaginal probiotics restore vaginal lactobacilli. Probiotics containing L. rhamnosus GR-1 and L. reuteri RC-14 can prevent recurrent UTI. A type proanthocyanidins have been clinically demonstrated to attach to E. coli fimbriae, preventing the bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract or the urinary bladder. Interesting read.