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Question 8#

Which one of the following factors would worry you about a patient with pulmonary arterial hypertension?

a. A six-minute walk distance >380 m
b. Static symptoms
c. MVo2 < 12 mL/min/kg
d. Normal BNP levels
e. Right atrial pressure (RAP) <10 mmHg

Correct Answer is C


It is key to identify the sickest patients in order to prioritize treatments. The following are recommended features which can be used to prognosticate: clinical evidence of RV failure, rapidly progressive symptoms, six-minute walk distance <380 m, peak oxygen consumption <12 mL/min/kg, high/rising BNP levels, pericardial effusion or TAPSE <1.5 cm, RAP >10 mmHg, cardiac index <2.1 L/min/m2 .