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Question 9#

Concerning the treatment of pulmonary hypertension:

a. Pulmonary transplant is never considered
b. Sildenafil is recommended as a treatment for patients with left heart failure
c. A majority of patients are on calcium-channel blockade
d. Sildenafil was originally tried as an anti-anginal
e. Prostanoid preparations are only intravenous

Correct Answer is D


Sildenafil, which was originally developed as an anti-anginal before being used for erectile dysfunction, can be harmful in patients with PH secondary to left heart disease. Prostanoids are available in subcutaneous and inhaled preparations. Since only a minority of patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension respond to a vasodilator challenge (not all of whom will maintain this response), relatively few are on calcium-channel blockade. Transplant is considered for eligible patients.