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Question 5#

Which factor does NOT influence the development of surgical site infections ( SSIs)?

A. Duration of procedure
B. Degree of microbial contamination of the wound
C. Malnutrition
D. General anesthesia

Correct Answer is D


Surgical site infections (SSis) are infections of the tissues, organs, or spaces exposed by surgeons during performance of an invasive procedure. SSis are classified into incisional and organ/space infections, and the former are further subclassified into superficial (limited to skin and subcutaneous tissue) and deep incisional categories. The development of SSis is related to three factors: (1) the degree of microbial contamination of the wound during surgery, (2) the duration of the procedure, and ( 3) host factors such as diabetes, malnutrition, obesity, immune suppression, and a number of other underlying disease states.