Question 2#

Which of the following is NOT a sign of tension pneumothorax?

A. Tracheal deviation
B. Decreased breath sounds
C. Respiratory distress with hypertension
D. Distended neck veins

Correct Answer is C


The diagnosis of tension pneumothorax is presumed in any patient manifesting respiratory distress and hypotension in combination with any of the following physical signs: tracheal deviation away from the affected side, lack of or decreased breath sounds on the affected side, and subcutaneous emphysema on the affected side. Patients may have distended neck veins due to impedance of venous return, but the neck veins may be flat due to concurrent systemic hypovolemia. Tension pneumothorax and simple pneumothorax have similar signs, symptoms, and examination findings, but hypotension qualifies the pneumothorax as a tension pneumothorax.