Question 5#

The 1 -year graft survival after renal transplantation is:

A. 35-40%
B. 50-55%
C. 75-80%
D. 92-96.5%

Correct Answer is D


According to the 20 10 Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) annual report, a total of 84,614 adult patients were on the kidney transplant waiting list, including 33,2 15 added just that year. Yet in 2009, only 15,964 adult kidney transplants were performed in the United States (99 12 with a deceased donor and 6052 with a living donor). Of note, the number of patients added to the kidney transplant waiting list has increased every year, but the number ofkidney transplants performed has been declining since 2006. On the positive side, posttransplant outcomes have continued to improve: in 2009, the 1 -year graft survival rate with a living donor kidney was 96.5%; with a deceased donor kidney, the rate was 92.0%.