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Category: Psychiatry--->Forensic and Rehabilitation Psychiatry
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Subjective measures of quality of life (QOL) in patients with mental illness may be inaccurate because of:

A. QOL scales always include depression and anxiety items
B. Reduced expectations may lead to claims of good QOL
C. QOL is not measurable using questionnaires
D. Subjective measures of QOL are not standardized
E. Response rate for subjective QOL measures is very low

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Which of the following projects refers to promoting spontaneous recovery in schizophrenia without compulsory use of psychotropics?

A. Henderson hospital project
B. Soteria project
C. Partial hospitalization project
D. Utopia project
E. Melbourne PACE project

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According to the health belief model of treatment compliance, patients consider all of the following factors when deciding upon treatment adherence except:

A. Susceptibility to illness
B. Severity of illness
C. Perceived benefits
D. Probability of side-effects
E. Social criticism

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The vocational rehabilitation programme with best evidence in schizophrenia is:

A. Sheltered employment model
B. Supported employment model
C. Clubhouse model
D. Skills training model
E. Token economy model

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The proportion of patients of working age with serious mental health problems who are employed actively in the UK is:

A. 10%
B. 50%
C. 40%
D. 75%
E. 1%

Category: Psychiatry--->Forensic and Rehabilitation Psychiatry
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