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A 72-year-old woman notices progressive dysphagia to solids and liquids. There is no history of alcohol or tobacco use, and the patient takes no medications. She denies heartburn, but occasionally notices the regurgitation of undigested food from meals eaten several hours before. Her barium swallow is shown.

Which of the following is the cause of this condition?

A. Growth of malignant squamous cells into the muscularis mucosa
B. Scarring caused by silent gastroesophageal reflux
C. Spasm of the lower esophageal sphincter
D. Loss of intramural neurons in the esophagus
E. Psychiatric disease

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A 37-year-old woman presents for evaluation of abnormal liver chemistries. She has long-standing obesity (current BMI 38) and has previously taken anorectic medications but not for the past several years. She takes no other medications and has not used parenteral drugs or had high-risk sexual exposure. On examination, her liver span is 13 cm; she has no spider angiomas or splenomegaly. Several sets of liver enzymes have shown transaminases two to three times normal. Bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase are normal. Hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis C antibody are normal, as are serum iron and total iron-binding capacity.

Which of the following is the likely pathology on liver biopsy?

A. Macrovesicular fatty liver
B. Microvesicular fatty liver
C. Portal triaditis with piecemeal necrosis
D. Cirrhosis
E. Copper deposition

Category: Medicine--->Gastroenterology
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