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Category: Cardiology--->Aorta And Hypertension
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Which one of the following antihypertensive medications might you use to try and prevent new-onset atrial fibrillation?

a. Atenolol
b. Amlodopine
c. Bisoprolol
d. Digoxin
e. Losartan

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The following is true of hypertension in the elderly, except:

a. There is an age-associated increase in systolic blood pressure (SBP)
b. There is decreased variability in blood pressure
c. Beta-blocker use should be limited to specific indications
d. There is good evidence for the treatment of hypertension in the very elderly (>80 years)
e. It is associated with vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

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The following are risk factors for pre-eclampsia, except:

a. First pregnancy
b. Multiple pregnancies
c. Long-term partner
d. Pre-existing hypertension
e. Family history

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Guidelines for the use of a statin in hypertension include the following, except:

a. Following a stroke
b. Type 2 diabetic diagnosed 11 years previously
c. Primary prevention with a CVD risk of 25%
d. Target levels of LDL <2 mmol/L and total cholesterol <4 mmol/L
e. Primary prevention in an 80-year-old

Category: Cardiology--->Aorta And Hypertension
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