Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

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Welcome to my Medical MCQ page, trying to collect as much MCQ questions as I can for everybody's benefit.
First you will be directed to this main quiz page where I will explain how it works.

At the left is the main categories and subcategories of the page, you can select for example cardiovascular then cardiac arrythmias to show all the question under this category->subcategory.

Choose an answer by checking the correspondent radio button then click the submit button to check the result. You can print each question individually by clicking the printer icon and it will print the question with the correct answer and the comment.

After submitting your answer you will be shown whether it is the right or wrong choice and a show comment button will appear that you can click to check the note for the question's answer and try again till you get it right!.

The hide button hides the comment, you could also change your answer if it was the wrong choice and click submit again.

On the top right, Reset Page button that will reset everything (category and subcategory selected, search, number of records per page) and shows the page you are reading now!

You can choose the number of questions in each page from 1 to 5.

On the top left is the search panel, enter your search word and click search, if you don't select a category it will search the whole database!
You can select a category or a subcategory and the search will be done on the whole questions under the chosen category or subcategory.
for example choose cardiovascular to search questions under cardiovascular or cardiac arrythmias to search questions under cardiac arrythmias.

You can choose a subcategory then the search would be done (for example) under cardiovascular category and cardiac arrythmias subcategory.

I hope that you find this page useful, Enjoy!

Important Note: Use your Laptop or Desktop PC for better viewing, concentration and being able to print individual MCQ question (including correct answer and comment).

Dr. Khalil Alyousifi