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Category: Plastic Surgery--->History of plastic surgery
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In which country during the 3rd century BC was the first cleft lip repair performed?

A. Egypt
B. Greece
C. China
D. Roman Italy
E. Etruscan Italy

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First introduced in 1958, the widely accepted classification of clefts, which uses the incisive foramen as a reference point, was described by?

A. Reidy
B. Kernahan
C. Veau
D. Pöhlmann
E. Oborne

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The 1561 book, Traites des Hernies, by Pierre Franco contains work on:

A. Clefts
B. Amputations
C. Parotid tumours
D. None of these
E. All of these

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Which London surgeon used a skin graft introduced with a specially designed trocar to repair hypospadias?

A. Browne
B. McIndoe
C. Matthews
D. Mowlem
E. Watson

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The following statements concerning the history of plastic surgery are true except:

A. Tagliacozzi was born in Bologna in 1545
B. Kilner was the Nuffield Professor of Plastic Surgery in Oxford
C. Tord Skoog was appointed Professor of Plastic Surgery in Uppsala in 1960
D. Sushruta is credited with being the first to perform nasal reconstruction
E. Sir Harold Gillies described the full thickness skin graft

Category: Plastic Surgery--->History of plastic surgery
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