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A 41-year-old man develops itchy, polygonal, violaceous papules on the flexor aspect of his forearms. Some of these papules have coalesced to form plaques.

What is the most likely diagnosis?

A. Lichen planus
B. Scabies
C. Lichen sclerosis
D. Morphea
E. Psoriasis

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A 30-year-old female in her third trimester of pregnancy mentions during an antenatal appointment that she has noticed an itchy rash around her umbilicus. This is her second pregnancy and she had no similar problems in her first pregnancy. Examination reveals blistering lesions in the peri-umbilical region and on her arms.

What is the likely diagnosis?

A. Seborrhoeic dermatitis
B. Pompholyx
C. Polymorphic eruption of pregnancy
D. Lichen planus
E. Pemphigoid gestationis

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A 62-year-old female is referred to dermatology due to a lesion over her shin. It initially started as a small red papule which later became a deep, red, necrotic ulcer with a violaceous border.

What is the likely diagnosis?

A. Necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum
B. Syphilis
C. Erythema nodosum
D. Pretibial myxoedema
E. Pyoderma gangrenosum

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A 39-year-old female has a pigmented mole removed from her leg which histology shows to be a malignant melanoma.

What is the single most important prognostic marker?

A. Number of episodes of sunburn before the age of 18 years
B. Age of patient
C. Diameter of melanoma
D. Depth of melanoma
E. Mutation in the MC1R gene

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A 62-year-old female is referred due to a long-standing ulcer above the right medial malleolus. Ankle-brachial pressure index readings are as follows:

To date it has been managed by the District Nurse with standard dressings.

What is the most appropriate management to maximize the likelihood of the ulcer healing?

A. Compression bandaging
B. Intermittent pneumatic compression
C. Hydrocolloid dressings
D. Refer to vascular surgeon
E. Topical flucloxacillin

Category: Prometric--->Dermatology
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