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An autistic child is successively reinforced for behaviours ranging from making eye contact, attending to therapist’s speech, and imitating speech sounds until sentences are uttered in normal social contexts.

This technique is called:

A. Shaping
B. Chaining
C. Flooding
D. Aversion therapy
E. Token economy

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A smoker is made aware of numerous health problems that could occur due to smoking. If the smoker attempts to reduce the dissonance between his smoking behaviour and health beliefs, which of the following is least likely to happen?

A. Change in smoking behaviour
B. Removing the dissonant health belief
C. Minimizing the importance of one’s health
D. Adding a new belief, for example ‘fi lter cigarettes are safe’
E. Denying the strength of evidence for smoking-related harm

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Inducing cognitive dissonance is an important therapeutic approach in which of the following treatments?

A. Systematic desensitization
B. Token therapy
C. Interpersonal therapy
D. Motivation enhancement therapy
E. Brief psychodynamic therapy

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Which of the following terms describes an evaluative rather than a descriptive stand one holds about oneself?

A. Self-image
B. Bodily self
C. Self-esteem
D. Self-consciousness
E. Ideal self

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Behavioural couples therapy is a treatment approach used in which of the following conditions? 

A. Alcohol use disorder
B. Premature ejaculation
C. Sex offender therapy
D. Delusional jealousy
E. Dependent personality disorder

Category: Psychiatry--->Advanced Psychology
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