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Which one of the following has partial agonistic activity as a major therapeutic mechanism?

A. Propranalol
B. Olanzapine
C. Lithium
D. Pindolol
E. Carbamazepine

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A 44-year-old in-patient, recently started on clozapine, develops exacerbation of chronic sinusitis and appears excessively drowsy. All of the following remedial measures might interfere with clozapine metabolism except:

A. Coffee
B. Quitting smoking
C. Amoxicillin
D. Erythromycin
E. Ciprofloxacin

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Imipramine is a tricyclic antidepressant. Which one of the following is true with respect to imipramine?

A. It acts synergistically with ECT
B. Imipramine has no effect in atypical depression
C. Imipramine and CBT are equally effective in severe depression
D. Imipramine decreases non-REM sleep
E. Imipramine is not toxic in overdose

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Use of stimulants is relatively contraindicated in which of the following patients with ADHD?

A. 9-year-old child with a family history of ADHD
B. 9-year-old child with a family history of psychosis
C. 9-year-old child with ADHD and treatment-emergent tics
D. 19-year-old with significant residual symptoms of ADHD
E. All of the above

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Which one of the following is not a dose-dependent side-effect of olanzapine?

A. Agranulocytosis
B. Akathisia
C. Galactorrhoea
D. Parkinsonism
E. Sedation

Category: Psychiatry--->Pharmacology
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