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Which of the following scales can be used to record the behavioural and psychological features associated with dementia in elderly people?

A. Neuropsychiatric inventory
B. Schedule for clinical assessment in neuropsychiatry
C. Bristol scale
D. Cornell scale
E. Abbreviated mental test

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Which of the following diagnostic tests has been most widely used to monitor treatment response in anticholinesterase trials for dementia?

A. Behaviour Pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease rating scale
B. Clock drawing test
C. Alzheimer’s disease assessment scale – cognitive section (ADAS-Cog)
D. Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)
E. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scan

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The average annual decline on the (Mini-Mental State Examination) MMSE scores for patients with a natural course of Alzheimer’s dementia is:

A. 1–2 points/year
B. 3–4 points/year
C. 5–6 points/year
D. 7–9 points/year
E. 9–11 points/year

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Hyponatraemia is a troublesome side-effect of treating depression in elderly people.

All of the following are true with regard to the above except:

A. More common in males
B. More frequent when diuretics are co-prescribed
C. Often related to inappropriate ADH secretion
D. Risk increases with increase in age
E. Symptoms overlap with primary depressive features

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Presenilin mutations that are associated with early-onset Alzheimer’s dementia are proposed to affect which of the following enzymes?

A. κ Secretase
B. Tau phosphorylation enzymes
C. α Secretase
D. β Secretase
E. γ Secretase

Category: Psychiatry--->Old Age Psychiatry
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