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Category: Surgery--->Surgical Considerations in the Elderly
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Determination of an elderly patient's nutritional status and reversal of malnutrition is important to prevent all of the following complications EXCEPT:

A. Poor wound healing
B. Increased nosocomial infections
C. Delayed functional recovery
D. Adverse drug reactions

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In elderly patients undergoing heart valve replacement, bioprosthetic valves are preferred over synthetic valves because:

A. There is less need for anticoagulation which is hazardous in the elderly
B. The operative time is shorter which reduces the risk of pulmonary complications
C. Synthetic valves have a higher incidence of manufacturing defects
D. The extent of hemolysis is less with bioprosthetic valves

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Cancer treatment in elderly patients is:

A. Always less successful
B. Complicated by the fact that clinical trials usually do not include elderly subjects
C. Recommended equally as in younger patients
D. Does not change overall life expectancy

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Avoidance of surgical resection of breast cancer in an elderly patient is unacceptable because:

A. Mortality rates of breast surgery are very low in the elderly
B. Medical therapy (eg, tamoxifen) instead of surgery is equivalent to surgical outcomes
C. Of decreased life expectancy
D. Screening mammography is less useful in the elderly

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What is the likelihood that an asymptomatic, 2 cm, solitary pulmonary nodule seen on chest X-ray in a 70-year-old smoker is a malignancy?

A. 25%
B. 50%
C. 70%
D. 90%

Category: Surgery--->Surgical Considerations in the Elderly
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