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How does diabetes mellitus impair wound healing?

a. Local hypoxemia, reduced angiogenesis, and inflammation due to vascular disease
b. Glycosylation of proteoglycans and collagen in wound bed due to hyperglycemia
c. Decreased collagen accretion noted in patients with type II diabetes mellitus
d. Increased bacterial load to due to hyperglycemia

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Supplementation of which of the following micronutrients improves wound healing in patients without micronutrient deficiency? 

a. Vitamin C
b. Vitamin A
c. Selenium
d. Zinc

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Which type of collagen is most important in wound healing?

a. Type III
b. Type V
c. Type VII
d. Type XI

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What is FALSE regarding healing of cartilage?

a. Cartilage is avascular and depends on diffusion of nutrients
b. Superficial cartilage wounds are not associated with an inflammatory response
c. Cartilage injuries often heal slowly and result in permanent structural defects
d. A major source of nutrients to cartilage is from nearby periosteum

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Signs of malignant transformation in a chronic wound include:

a. Persistent granulation tissue with bleeding
b. Overturned wound edges
c. Nonhealing after 2 weeks of therapy
d. Distal edema

Category: Surgery--->Wound Healing
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