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Category: Psychiatry--->Psychopharmacology
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Aripiprazole is:

A. A partial agonist at the dopamine receptor
B. A full agonist at the dopamine receptor
C. A dopamine receptor antagonist
D. An inverse agonist
E. A reuptake inhibitor at the dopamine receptor

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Lofexidine is an:

A. Alpha 2 autoreceptor agonist
B. Alpha 1 postsynaptic agonist
C. Alpha 2 autoreceptor antagonist
D. Alpha 2 heteroceptor agonist
E. Noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor

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Which of the following is NOT a reuptake inhibitor?

A. Cocaine
B. Sertraline
C. Clomipramine
D. Bupropion
E. Buspirone

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Which of the following combinations is NOT paired correctly?

A. Alprazolam: benzodiazepines
B. Zopiclone: hypnotics
C. Haloperidol: butyrophenones
D. Phenytoin: anticonvulsant
E. Acamprosate: opiates

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Paralytic ileus is most likely to be associated with which one of the following antipsychotics? 

A. Olanzapine
B. Haloperidol
C. Clozapine
D. Amisulpride
E. Thioridazine

Category: Psychiatry--->Psychopharmacology
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