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Transferrin plays a role in host defense by:

A. Sequestering iron, which is necessary for microbial growth
B. Increasing the ability of fibrinogen to trap microbes
C. Direct injury to the bacterial cell membrane
D. Direct injury to the bacterial mitochondria

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Which is NOT a component of systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS)? 

A. Temperature
B. White blood cell (WBC) count
C. Blood pressure
D. Heart rate

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The best method for hair removal from an operative field is:

A. Shaving the night before
B. Depilating the night before surgery
C. Shaving in the operating room
D. Using hair clippers in the operating room

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A patient with necrotizing pancreatitis undergoes computed tomography (CT)-guided aspiration, which results in growth of Escherichia coli on culture. The most appropriate treatment is:

A. Culture-appropriate antibiotic therapy
B. Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography with sphincterotomy
C. CT-guided placement of drain(s)
D. Exploratory laparotomy

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Which factor does NOT influence the development of surgical site infections ( SSIs)?

A. Duration of procedure
B. Degree of microbial contamination of the wound
C. Malnutrition
D. General anesthesia

Category: Surgery--->Surgical Infections
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