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A 37-year-old man presents to A&E with pneumonia and a temperature of 39°C. He has no chest pain but a routine ECG is performed.


A. He should be referred for primary angioplasty
B. His temperature may have exacerbated his ECG changes
C. He should be treated with ajmaline
D. He needs an ICD
E. Beta-blockers are indicated

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Which one of the following would not be considered a high-risk marker for sudden cardiac death in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy?

A. Family history of sudden cardiac death
B. Non-sustained VT on cardiac monitoring
C. LV septal thickness of 2.3cm
D. Drop in blood pressure on ETT
E. Syncope

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A 26-year-old patient presents to A&E with the rhythm strip shown below. He is complaining of palpitations and chest pain. His blood pressure is 80/60 mmHg.

What should the initial management be?

A. IV adenosine
B. IV amiodarone
C. IV beta-blocker
D. IV calcium-channel blocker
E. Urgent cardioversion

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The ECG shown is diagnostic of which one of the following rhythms?

A. AF with aberrancy
B. AF with pre-excitation
D. AVNT—orthodromic
E. AVNT—antidromic

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Which one of these drugs does not prolong the QT interval?

A. Amiodarone
B. Erythromycin
C. Carbemazpine
D. Clozapine
E. Methadone

Category: Cardiology--->Arrythmias
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