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Category: Cardiology--->Arrythmias
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What does the the box plot show?

A. An inappropriate shock for AF
B. Inappropriate ATP for AF
C. Appropriate shock for VT
D. Appropriate ATP for VT
E. Appropriate shock for VF

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With regard to ARVC:

A. The diagnosis can be confirmed on the basis of MRI findings alone
B. All patients with a confirmed diagnosis will need an ICD
C. It is normally autosomal dominant
D. Genetic tests are positive in most cases
E. A and C

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A 57-year-old patient with a history of dilated cardiomyopathy and an ejection fraction of 20% is admitted to hospital after a presyncopal episode. His ECG on arrival shows monomorphic VT with a rate of 80 bpm and his BP is 70/50 mmHg. He receives urgent cardioversion and his QRS complexes are narrow on return to sinus rhythm. He is normally NYHA class III and is on maximum medication for HF.

A. According to NICE criteria he does not qualify for an ICD as his aetiology is not IHD
B. He should receive a biventricular ICD
C. He should receive a standard ICD
D. He should be commenced on oral amiodarone
E. He should be considered for a VT ablation

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An asymptomatic 32-year-old man has the ECG shown performed as part of a routine work medical examination.

A. This ECG shows right bundle branch block
B. He is asymptomatic and can be reassured without further investigation
C. He should have a 5 day monitor and as long as there are no significant arrhythmias or changes in the QRS complexes he can be reassured and discharged
D. He should have an echocardiogram and if this is normal he can be reassured and discharged
E. He should proceed to an EP study

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What is the rhythm shown in the strip

A. AF with pre-existing RBBB
B. AVNRT with aberrancy
C. VT—likely to arise from the left ventricle
D. VT—likely to arise from the right ventricle
E. Antidromic AVRT

Category: Cardiology--->Arrythmias
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